S925 Silver Viking Runes Ring

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The Norse and Germanic people first used the runic alphabet as their means of written communication. Runes functioned as letters but were considered much more than that. Each rune was a pictographic symbol of a cosmological principle. Writing a rune in the Viking Age meant to invoke force to which it stood and were traditionally carved onto stone, wood, bone, or any hard surface.

Metal: 925 silver, sterling silver
Surface Width: 8mm
Size: Adjustable fit all sizes

A striking ring design that you won't see anywhere else! Mystical and magical runic alphabet, which was used to write various Nordic languages. Each letter is believed to hold specific power. 

Made as close as we can to the way it was made originally, Our craftsman sets the highest of standards. Each piece is unique as it is hand-finished. The attention to detail is amazing.

Cast in solid sterling silver, these rings are made of recycled metal.

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Customer Reviews

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Athena S.

Amazing ring. Beautifully crafted. thank you very much!

Cary S.

I can’t say enough good things about this ring! Such beautiful craftsmanship went into it! I could feel the magic as soon as I put it on! This one is a lot of silver and sized it to exactly 12 3/4 American for me and the thicknesses are just so perfect! And the amount of polishing that went into this ring must have been many hours! thank you!! I will be ordering again soon! Worth the wait for sure!

Krystel T.

Beautiful ring!!! I liked it very much.

Albertha B.

Very, very good quality, the ring is unrealistically beautiful and its price pays off. It was not long, the tracking was. Thank you very much to the shop! :)

Katlyn B.

good quality. thank you ,