Valknut Necklace

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Throughout Norse mythology, Jörmungandr, the World Serpent, symbolizes cosmic power, encircling Earth and predicting Ragnarök with its tail-hold. This Viking-inspired necklace also features the Valknut, marking fallen warriors bound for Odin's Valhalla. A testament to mythic strength and honor, this...
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In the realm of Norse legends, the Vegvisir serves as a guiding light amidst life's storms. This Viking necklace, adorned with the sacred symbol and paired with the Valknut, represents the unyielding spirit of those who forge their own path....
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The Valknut & Dragon Around Necklace is a stunning Viking-inspired jewelry piece. This statement Viking necklace integrates the ancient Valknut symbol, a testament to Norse mythology, elegantly embraced by meticulously designed dragons. Radiating protection and strength, it serves as a...
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This extraordinary Viking necklace, a true masterpiece of Viking jewelry, intertwines two potent Norse symbols: the Valknut and the Jormungandr. The Valknut, the 'knot of the fallen', represents Odin's power over life and death. The Jörmungandr, the world-serpent, encircles the...
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In Norse mythology, Gungnir is the spear of Odin, a weapon that never misses its mark. This Viking pendant, inspired by the legendary spear, is a symbol of focus, determination, and the relentless pursuit of one's goals. The intricate design,...
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 A Norse symbol often represented in carvings and designs associated with the afterlife, the Valknot is often considered the symbol of the all-powerful god, Odin. It also means the knot of the slain. In Norse mythology, the sign is used...
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Embrace the spirit of the Viking warrior with this powerful Valknut Sword Viking Necklace. The pendant, a striking combination of the Valknut symbol and a meticulously engraved sword, is a testament to the courage, strength, and valor of the Norse...
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Carry the wisdom of the Norse with you always with this stunning Yggdrasil Valknut Viking necklace. The pendant, expertly engraved on durable steel, features the sacred tree of life, its branches adorned with the interwoven triangles of the Valknut. This...
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Embrace the power and mystery of Norse mythology with this captivating Valknut ring. The Valknut, a symbol of Odin's power and the eternal cycle of life, is masterfully engraved on a band of premium stainless steel. This Viking ring is...
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In the realm of Norse mythology, where the Valkyries ride through the storm-torn skies, the Valknut shines as a symbol of the fallen warriors' eternal glory. Our Runic Valknut Necklace, a powerful piece of Viking jewelry, bears this sacred mark,...
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Through the echoes of ancient Norse valor, the Viking Necklace bears the Valknut symbol, revered as the knot of the fallen warriors. This symbol of bravery and the afterlife journey rotates freely on its stainless steel pendant, reflecting the ongoing...
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Jörmungandr, the Midgard (World) Serpent, was a giant dragon or sea serpent who could encircle the earth and grasp its own tail. According to Norse mythology, Ragnarök would start if it ever lets go of its tail. This Viking necklace...
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Embrace Odin's wisdom with the Valknut Symbol Gungnir Arrowhead Necklace. This Viking Necklace features a Gungnir arrowhead, a representation of guidance and precision, paired with the Valknut, a symbol of bravery and loyalty. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it combines...
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The Valknut is a powerful Norse symbol associated with warriors who have fallen in battle and gained a place in Odin's Valhalla. This 925 Silver Valknut Symbol Pendant honors the bravery and sacrifice of those warriors. Crafted from genuine 925...
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The Rotating Valknut Pendant Necklace with antique design is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry perfect for anyone who loves Norse mythology and ancient history. The pendant features an intricately designed Valknut symbol, representing power and strength in Norse...
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Carry your beloved ancient symbols of protection wherever you go with this highly detailed Viking Shield With Valknut Symbol. This stainless steel shield was designed to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable to hold, allowing you to safely focus on your...
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Embrace the mystique of Norse mythology with this 925 Silver Runic Valknut Symbol Pendant. The Valknut, a powerful symbol associated with the fallen warriors and the afterlife, is beautifully crafted in genuine 925 sterling silver. Surrounding the Valknut are intricate...

Unveiling Our Enthralling Valknut Necklace Collection

As a proud member of the Epic Loot family, I am thrilled to introduce our enthralling Valknut necklace collection. These pieces pay homage to a captivating ancient symbol with deep roots in Norse mythology. Through our designs, we aim to bring the powerful essence of the Viking Age to our customers.

Valknut: The Ancient Symbol of Power and Connection

The Valknut symbol, consisting of three interlocking triangles, has fascinated scholars and enthusiasts alike for centuries. This emblem from the Viking Age can be found on various artifacts and runestones, suggesting its importance to the Germanic people closely related to the Norse. The term "valknut" means "knot of the slain," and its significance is strongly tied to the god Odin.

The Valknut's Archaeological Record: A Glimpse into the Past

The archaeological record of the Valknut symbol offers valuable insights into the beliefs and customs of the Viking Age. Found on objects made of hard stone, wood, and metal, the Valknut appears alongside other symbols and figures, such as picture stones depicting scenes from Northern mythology. By examining these artifacts, we gain a better understanding of the Vikings' world and their connection to the powerful forces they believed in.

Picture Stones and Other Symbols: Contextualizing the Valknut

Picture stones, found predominantly in Scandinavia, often display the Valknut symbol in conjunction with other symbols and scenes from Norse mythology. These stones provide context for the Valknut and its role in the Vikings' spiritual and everyday lives. By studying these images, we can further appreciate the intricacies of Northern mythology and the importance of the Valknut symbol in the broader tapestry of the Viking Age.

Delving into Norse Mythology: The Sagas and Eddas

To better understand the symbolism behind our Valknut necklace collection, we explored the rich world of Norse mythology. We delved into the Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, and Icelandic Sagas, which are invaluable sources of information on the beliefs and legends of the Vikings. These texts provide us with the foundation to appreciate the significance of this ancient symbol.

Deciphering the Valknut: The Symbol Appears in Various Forms

The Valknut appears in various forms, such as the tricursal form and Hrungnir's heart. Scholars like Ellis Davidson and Angela Hall have studied these manifestations, debating their meaning and connection to the Vikings. While the full significance of the symbol remains a mystery, its connection to power, battle madness, and the god Odin are undeniable.

Unraveling the Valknut: Insights from Archaeological Finds

The Valknut symbol has been found in many archaeological sites across Northern Europe, such as the Oseberg ship burial, the Swedish island of Gotland, and Anglo-Saxon urns in the British Museum. By examining these objects, we can carefully piece together a more comprehensive picture of the symbol's role in the Viking Age.

The Valknut and Odin: A Symbolic Expression of Battle Madness

The Valknut is often associated with Odin, the Norse god of war, wisdom, and poetry. The symbol is believed to represent the power to lay bonds upon the mind, inducing battle madness, intoxication, and inspiration. The intertwining triangles also symbolize the close relationship between life, death, and the gods in Norse mythology.

Carved Symbol: A Testament to the Vikings' Artistic Prowess

Our Valknut necklace collection features the carved symbol, a testament to the artistic prowess of the Vikings. This design choice allows us to maintain the integrity of the ancient symbol while showcasing our commitment to craftsmanship.

Exploring Some of Our Valknut Necklace Designs

  1. Jormungandr Surrounds Valknut Pendant

  2. Valknut & Dragon Around Necklace

  3. Rotating Pendant Vegvisir and Valknut Symbols

  4. Valknut surrounded by Jormungandr Necklace

  5. Gungnir Spear Valknut Symbol Necklace

  6. Valknut Pendant Necklace

  7. Valknut Sword Necklace

  8. Jormungandr Dragon Valknut Necklace

  9. Nordic Symbol Valknut Rotating Pendant Necklace

Jormungandr Surrounds Valknut Pendant: Embodying the Struggle between Life and Death

Our Jormungandr Surrounds Valknut Pendant features the serpent Jormungandr, which represents the eternal struggle between life and death. This design highlights the cyclical nature of existence in Norse mythology, where the end of one era gives birth to the next.

Valknut & Dragon Around Necklace: Combining the Power of Two Potent Symbols

The Valknut & Dragon Around Necklace combines two powerful symbols from Norse mythology: the Valknut and the dragon. This design represents the fierce determination and raw power that fueled the Vikings in battle and their everyday lives.

Rotating Pendant Vegvisir and Valknut Symbols: Guidance and Strength United

Our Rotating Pendant Vegvisir and Valknut Symbols necklace brings together the Vegvisir, a Norse compass symbol, and the Valknut. This combination symbolizes both the guidance and the strength needed to navigate life's challenges and find one's true path.

Valknut Surrounded by Jormungandr Necklace: Encapsulating the Endless Cycle of Life

The Valknut Surrounded by Jormungandr Necklace design captures the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, with the Valknut symbol encircled by the serpent Jormungandr. This necklace is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the cyclical nature of existence.

Gungnir Spear Valknut Symbol Necklace: Channeling the Might of Odin

Featuring the Gungnir spear, the weapon of Odin, our Gungnir Spear Valknut Symbol Necklace pays tribute to the god's power and wisdom. This design is perfect for those who wish to channel their inner strength and face life's challenges with courage and determination.

Valknut Pendant Necklace: A Classic Tribute to the Ancient Symbol

Our Valknut Pendant Necklace features the iconic three interlocking triangles in a classic design, showcasing the ancient symbol's beauty and power. This necklace is ideal for those who appreciate the rich history and symbolism of the Valknut.

Valknut Sword Necklace: Uniting the Power of the Valknut and the Warrior Spirit

The Valknut Sword Necklace combines the potent Valknut symbol with a sword, signifying the warrior spirit and the power to conquer one's fears and obstacles. This design is a reminder to face life's battles with unwavering resolve.

Jormungandr Dragon Valknut Necklace: Merging the Serpent and the Valknut

Our Jormungandr Dragon Valknut Necklace unites the Valknut symbol with the fearsome serpent, representing the struggle between life and death. This design embodies the concept of duality and balance present in Norse mythology.

Nordic Symbol Valknut Rotating Pendant Necklace: A Versatile Expression of Power

The Nordic Symbol Valknut Rotating Pendant Necklace features a spinning Valknut symbol, allowing for versatile expression and constant connection to the ancient power it represents. This design is perfect for those who want to carry the strength and wisdom of the Viking Age with them every day.

Experience the Power of Our Valknut Necklace Collection

We invite you to explore our captivating Valknut necklace collection and discover the perfect piece to connect you to the power and wisdom of the ancient Norse people. As you wear one of our meticulously crafted necklaces, you'll be carrying a piece of the Viking Age with you, honoring the rich history and symbolism of the Valknut.

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