Multi-Symbolic Viking Rune Ring

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SMALL / Valknut
SMALL / Vegvisir
SMALL / Aegishjalmur
SMALL / Helm of awe
SMALL / Mjolnir
SMALL / Courage
SMALL / Protection
SMALL / Health
SMALL / Energy
SMALL / Love
SMALL / Good Luck
MEDIUM / Valknut
MEDIUM / Vegvisir
MEDIUM / Aegishjalmur
MEDIUM / Helm of awe
MEDIUM / Mjolnir
MEDIUM / Courage
MEDIUM / Protection
MEDIUM / Health
MEDIUM / Energy
MEDIUM / Good Luck
LARGE / Valknut
LARGE / Vegvisir
LARGE / Aegishjalmur
LARGE / Helm of awe
LARGE / Mjolnir
LARGE / Courage
LARGE / Protection
LARGE / Health
LARGE / Energy
LARGE / Love
LARGE / Good Luck

Elevate your jewelry collection with our Versatile Viking Rune Ring, a treasure trove of Nordic symbolism. Handcrafted in S925 Silver and copper, each ring carries a different Viking rune or emblem, each with its own unique meaning. From the life-affirming Valknut to the guidance-giving Vegvisir, there’s a ring here to resonate with every soul. Collect them all, and let these ancient symbols guide, protect, and inspire you on your own modern-day quests.

Size Guide:

Navigating the right fit is crucial for the comfort and look of your Versatile Viking Rune Ring. To make this process easy, we've categorized our ring sizes into three main groups:

  • - Small: This size fits those who typically wear rings in the 7-8 US size range. Ideal for those with smaller fingers or for wearing on the smaller fingers.

  • - Medium: If you generally wear sizes between 9-10 US, this is the fit for you. Designed for average-sized fingers, it strikes a balance between snugness and freedom.

  • - Large: Meant for those who require sizes 11-12 US. This size is tailored for larger fingers, ensuring the ring doesn't feel too tight but still remains secure.


  • Diverse Symbolism: Choose from a range of Viking runes, each symbolizing different aspects like courage, protection, and love.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each ring is crafted meticulously from a blend of S925 Silver and Copper.
  • Tailored Sizing: Designed to be versatile in size and weight, ideal for anyone and any occasion.


  • Thickness: Measures approximately 0.2 cm.
  • Width: Approximately 0.9 cm.
  • Weight: Ranges between 6 to 7g.
  • Material: Expertly made with S925 Silver and Copper.

In the Package: One Versatile Viking Rune Ring of your choice, encapsulating the richness of Viking history and symbolism.

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