Odin's Raven Pendant Necklace

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In Norse mythology, Odin, or Hrafnaguð - the Raven God, encompasses vital life aspects. Respected as a symbol of wisdom, healing, and death, his influence extends into royalty, gallows, battle, poetry, sorcery, and the runes. Intricately crafted Viking jewelry and necklaces often bear depictions of his raven, embodying his multifaceted nature. These adornments encapsulate his powerful symbolism, becoming talismans of the mysterious and profound Viking spirit.

A high-quality 316L grade stainless steel is used to create this necklace, which will not rust or fade in color over the course of time.

Pendant height: 3cm; Pendant width: 5cm
Chain Length: 55cm

  Stainless steel
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We ship worldwide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Noemy A.

This necklace was purchased as a present for my boyfriend, who really loves it! So far, it has held up really well. It is also the proper length, neither too little nor too large. The chain is just wonderful. I haven't gotten it wet yet, but it seems to be a fantastic product so far! In addition, shipment was quite rapid as compared to other companies.

Damaris M.

This necklace is very stunning, and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship!!! I would strongly advise you to purchase from them!!!! I will definitely be placing another order with you guys in the future!!!

Jamie S.

Having looked for this necklace for quite some time, I knew it was meant to be the moment I laid eyes on it... Quality is excellent; it is lightweight and has not rusted in my hands. When I wear this, I feel more connected to my beliefs and Viking. This product is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jean-bernard B.
Nice pendant

Very nice pendant. I am proud to wear it everyday.

Fernando M.V.
Odin's Raven Pendant Necklace

i love how light it is.