What came after Ragnarok?

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What came after Ragnarok?

Ragnarok was destroyed, the sun turned black, and the stars fell from the sky. The earth caught fire, and because of this the world would be ice cold after it had endured so much heat. The seas boiled away, and the waters that remained turned into a poison that threatened to extinguish everything on earth. But there was one place on earth that did not share in its fate: Midgard. In Midgard, two humans survived as well, Lif and Lifthrasir (Life and Leifthrasir). These two people would be reborn from trees — Lif from an ash tree called Askr and his wife Lifthrasir from an elm tree named Embla — before they repopulate the world with their offspring.


What did the gods do after Ragnarok?

After Ragnarok, the gods and the evil die. Two people, Lif and Lifthrasir, are left to repopulate the world. They eventually have three children: a son called Bor who becomes the father of the Aesir (Odin's people), a daughter called Bestla who marries her brother Bor's son from another woman and gives birth to Odin, Vili, and Ve. These three brothers kill Ymir (the giant) and make the world from his body.

The sun is created by lighting a fire on top of Ymir's skull. The moon was originally a person named Audhumla but was transformed into an object when she was placed in front of Ymir's face so that he could drink her milk. There are also two humans called Loke and Thjasse who appear in some sources (such as Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda).

There are several different versions of what happens next in Norse mythology, but most agree that there is some sort of battle between good and evil after Ragnarok because they both have to be destroyed so that new life can begin again


What happens to Valhalla after Ragnarok?

The old worlds are gone forever, replaced by new ones. And so it is with Valhalla.

Valhalla has been built on the site of Asgard, Odin’s hall in Asgard’s old world. But as Odin himself says when he returns there at the end of Ragnarok: “It is a different place now.” The exact words he uses are: “This is not the same as before.”

Odin says this because Valhalla has been rebuilt after being destroyed at Ragnarok (see How did Asgard survive?). The new Valhalla is almost identical to the old one — except that it was rebuilt from scratch by those who once lived there and have returned from Midgard (Earth).

It should be noted that all these people were mortals when they lived on Midgard; they were not gods like Odin or Thor or Loki or any other god from Asgard who died fighting Surtur and his minions during Ragnarok!


Where does Odin go when he dies?

After Odin died, he went to Valhalla to join the other gods and goddesses. Valhalla is a wonderful place, where all the bravest Viking warriors go when they die. It's also where Odin goes when he dies, which is why he's not in Asgard anymore.


Who are the gods survive Ragnarok?

The known survivors are: Aegir, Vidar, Vali, Hoenir, Vili, Magni, Modi, Hermóðr, Forseti and Ullr.

Some of them will be changed by the events that happened during Ragnarok. For example, after the death of Loki and his son Fenrir at the hands of Odin's son Vidar (Vali), he becomes a god of revenge and justice who will bring down those who sin against him.

The other survivors are those who were not present when everything started and did not participate in any way in what happened. They will probably be able to live their lives as before but with some changes in their world view that will make them wiser and more mature than before.


So what replaces Asgard after Ragnarok?

Well, there's one group of people who believe they might have the answer — the Vikings themselves.

According to Norse mythology expert Stephen Flowers, author of Viking Age Iceland, the Vikings believed that their world would be destroyed in a great fire, which would then be followed by rebirth.

"The Norse believed that there was an end point to human existence on Earth," Flowers told Business Insider. "They believed that this would happen at Ragnarok."

"Ragnarok is usually translated as 'doom of the gods,' but it actually means 'fate of the gods,'" he said. "The doom of the gods is the end point of what we call history."

Flowers says that Vikings believed that when Ragnarok happened, everything would be destroyed — including Asgard, home of their gods. But then something new would come along — a new world order.


Does Baldur return after Ragnarok?

Because Baldur stayed in Helheim, he never joined the army in Asgard. And because of this, he was protected.

After the war, Baldur came back to life, leaving Helheim. But he was not the same as before. He lost his divine powers and became an ordinary human being. The gods were surprised to see this, but they were also happy because they could meet him again.

Baldur married Nanna and had two children: Dag and Höd. He also managed to defeat all evil forces in Midgard. However, he did not have enough power to fight against Surtur's army during Ragnarok again.



In the end, all that remains after Ragnarok is simple: humans, two types of trees and a few surviving animals. It is a seemingly bleak conclusion to a world-shattering event. But this is how the storytellers who crafted this tale wanted it to end. This isn't an adventure across the Nine Worlds, it's a tale of perseverance; of building anew from the ashes of what once was. So take note then that in order to survive you'll need to abandon old notions of your world; you must do what is necessary to live through the long, cold night. For Midgard can be reborn so long as there still lives within it the will to persevere through all obstacles, even (or especially) those which once seemed insurmountable.

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