Aegishjalmur Helm Of Awe Ring

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Introducing a powerful emblem of Norse mythology in our Viking jewelry collection, the Aegishjalmur or Helm of Awe. Radiating from a central point, its eight arms, reminiscent of spiked tridents, represent protection and victory.

Worn by ancient warriors between their brows, this symbol was believed to offer strength and invincibility in battle. Experience the mystic force of the Vikings with this intricate emblematic jewelry piece.


Solid stainless steel

Weight – 0.6 oz / 16.8 g

Head Width – 0.87 in / 2.2 cm

Band Width – 0.12 in / 0.3 cm

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Customer Reviews

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Never take it off

I bought this and a handful of other rings from here later and I never take them off, this was my first purchase from them and it got me addicted, high quality and looks absolutely great.

Frederic S.

You can really see how much the artist worked on this design. It looks amazing and the picture on the website does not do it justice.


Perfect in every way. I love your rings each one is a work or art.

Elouise S.

Very fast shipping, the ring weighs enough, it's great, the drawing is engraved and in is very good. Overall it has very good quality

Curt K.

Fast delivery and very good quality. I love it very much!