Thor Hammer Mjolnir Gold-Silver

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Thor's weapon, Mjöllnir, was no ordinary hammer. Often heard as a thunderclap, it would return to his hand after being thrown. This lightning-inspired weapon wasn't just the god of thunder's mainstay; it was also an iconic emblem, frequently seen in Viking jewelry. A symbol of strength and protection, Viking necklaces often showcased Mjöllnir pendants, combining spiritual faith with artful craftsmanship, a testament to the timeless allure of Norse mythology.

Size - 70cm Length.

  Stainless steel
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Customer Reviews

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Hazel F.

I love this design! Celtic-inspired and beautifully crafted! The only downside is that it's labeled as a gift for men. I know many women, myself included, who would happily wear this. In fact, this one is aaaaaaall mine! <3

Emmy F.

Beautiful Thor hammer

Elinor O.

excellent product, fast delivery, great communication, recommended.

Robert F.
The Hammer

Excellent quality, well made

Adam S.
Good quality

Wear the jewelry everyday, good stuff