Nidhogg Norse Dragon Bracelet

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Known for gnawing at the roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil, the powerful dragon Nidhogg comes to life through the bracelet's captivating design. Each scale is meticulously handcrafted, creating a mesmerizing look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Forged from premium iron steel, this bracelet is not only a visual masterpiece but also built to last. It's designed to fit comfortably on any wrist size, and the sturdy clasp ensures it stays securely in place throughout your daily adventures.

Weight - from 75-90gm

- Made from premium-quality steel.
- Secured in place by a sturdy snake clasp.
- Stylish enough to accent your outfit during formal events.

Handmade Golden Horn Dragon Bracelet

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Customer Reviews

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I got this for my dad's birthday and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Everything perfect! I love it 🥰


This bracelet is absolutely STUNNING! I love this item. I am so glad I listened to my friend who recommended it to me. No regrets and will definitely be coming back for more amazing designs.


As someone who appreciates symbolism, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the deeper meaning behind the dragon. After receiving my order, the first thing that struck me was the attention to detail in the design. I am ecstatic to report that the quality of the bracelet is beyond my wildest expectations, and I am compelled to share my satisfaction with others.


It is such a badass bracelet with such a unique design.

I got two, one for myself and another for my brother and we love flaunting it around friends and family.



Beautiful bracelet! Item came quick, just in time for my husband's birthday.

My husband loves anything dragon and anything Viking so this fit all the right criteria's. He loves it so much, he hasn't taken it off since.

Thank you! Will definitely be recommending this website to my girlfriends whose husbands also enjoy Viking pieces.