Viking Dragon Bracelet

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Show your fiery spirit with this Dragon Heads Viking jewelry bracelet. The intricate braided design features two stylized dragon head ends with spiraling eyes. In between stretches a textured band engraved with a twisting Nordic motif. Echoing dragon imagery found...
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There is a vast array of decorative and fashionable jewelry on the market, but it can be difficult to find a bracelet that's both stylish and functional.For those who want a piece of jewelry that helps them stand out from...
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This braided dragon heads Viking bracelet inspired by the Viking art style. The body of the bracelet is decorated with a twisting spiral motif, while the ends are surmounted by stylized dragon heads. Similar dragons can be seen on brooches, rune stones, or wooden items. Material:...
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Show your love for Norse legends with this Viking Jewelry Nidhogg dragon pendant. Nidhogg was the mythical dragon who gnawed at the roots of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, according to Viking lore. He survived Ragnarok and bore witness to...
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Crafted meticulously, this Viking-inspired Huge Dragon Bracelet is a jewelry masterpiece echoing adventure, wisdom, and freedom. A testament to impeccable craftsmanship, its design is steeped in rich Viking symbolism. Embrace your inner dragon with this detailed jewelry piece, a perfect...
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Fenrir, son of Loki and Angerboda, a famed wolf in Norse mythology, is integral to Viking lore, much like their revered trinkets. During Ragnarok, he brings about Odin's end, mirroring the perilous beauty of Viking jewelry. In revenge, Odin's son,...
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Dragon is a symbol of strength, wisdom and power. This bracelet is a great gift for someone who likes to wear something unique and different. The intricate design features scales that are precisely carved to create a unique, captivating appearance.Whether...
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Channel your inner dragon with this spiraled Viking Jewelry Dragon Heads Bracelet. The intricate woven band surrounds your wrist with the magic of medieval legends. Bookended by stylized engraved dragon heads, the bracelet comes to life straight from Viking art...
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Meaning "Curse Striker" or "He Who Strikes with Malice", Níðhöggr is one of the many dragons who dwell beneath the tree of life. Eating through its roots, Níðhöggr intends on pulling the cosmos back to chaos. He plays a big...
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Showcase your inner Viking with this braided dragon bracelet. The intricate, interlocking design reflects classic Viking Jewelry styles with its bold dragon heads and spiraling motif. Handcrafted by artisans, each bracelet has a unique, textured look. This meaningful accessory captures...
Unleash your inner fire with this Dragon Snake Viking bracelet. The steel cuff band shaped into a dragon head on each end. In between, the body twists into intricate scales and knots. Dragons represented primal power and protection in Norse...
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Show your fierce spirit with this Tiger Heads Viking bracelet. Expertly engraved steel cuff with bold tiger head ends. The piercing eyes and snarling expressions represent primal power. Linked by textured, knotted bands echoing Norse motifs. In Viking culture, tigers...
Beautifully crafted Dragon bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. The bracelet is made from the highest quality Sterling Silver materials and so is the work put into it for the creation. weight: about 38.9g(21.7cm) material: s925 pure silver length: 17.7-23.7cm
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Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent, or the World Serpent is a giant serpent or dragon that is seen in Norse mythology. This bracelet was inspired by this mythological creature. Wear it as a reminder of your birthright to conquer their fears...
If you’re looking for a powerful, eye-catching bracelet that fits great and adds a 'heavy' appeal to your attire, look no further. Our Midgard Serpent sterling silver bracelet is the perfect accessory for you. It’s handcrafted with 925 Sterling Silver...
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This Viking bracelet with dragon heads was inspired by Viking art. The bracelet's body is adorned with a spiral motif, while the ends are adorned with stylised dragon heads. Similar dragons are depicted on brooches, rune stones, and wooden products....
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Discover the powerful Norse Legacy Dragon Arc Bracelet, an emblem of strength and wisdom. Handcrafted from premium stainless steel, this majestic accessory represents a dragon's unyielding spirit. This stunning Bracelet is crafted with a beautiful combination of sterling silver and...
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Show off your love of adventure and Norse mythology with this striking Dragons Head Viking Bracelet. Made from stainless steel, it features a high-quality brushed finish and iconic dragon design to double down on its badassness. Our Viking Bracelet is sure...
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This Nordic Dragon Viking Bracelet is made of Stainless Steel, with a unique design, makes you more different from others. Made by High quality stainless steel material, durable and comfortable to wear. This Viking bracelet is perfect for you to...

The Dragons of Legend: Viking Dragon Bracelets

Dragons feature prominently in ancient Norse legends as mystical creatures of great power. Viking dragon bracelets capture the magic of these fabled beasts in striking jewelry. Intricate dragon head pendants and engraved motifs harness iconic symbols of strength, wisdom, and protection.

Dragons in Viking Lore

Dragons played major roles in Norse mythology. The dragon Níðhöggr gnawed at the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Fáfnir turned into a dragon to guard his cursed gold. Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent encircling the world, was also dragon-like.

To the Norse, dragons embodied attributes like ferocity, resiliency, duty, and wisdom. Some dragons functioned as guardians. Viking warriors carried dragon motifs as protective totems and symbols of guidance.

Viking Artistry Reborn

Today, Viking-inspired jewelry artisans craft dragon bracelets that evoke the mystique of these Nordic mythic beasts. The detailed dragon pendants and engraved motifs reference Norse legends and medieval European styles. Quality materials like stainless steel reflect durability and strength.

Jewelry makers carefully etch and stamp each scale, spine ridge, and fang to capture lifelike texture and expression. Vivid dragon heads with crystalline eyes glare fiercely. No detail goes overlooked.

Wearing these bracelets links the owner to values like bravery, loyalty, and protecting others. The striking dragon designs make a statement about honoring the past and one’s ideals.

Striking Examples

Many leading companies produce compelling dragon-themed Viking bracelets. Here are some dramatic versions:

Double Dragon Heads Bracelet

This wide cuff bracelet features two carved dragon heads facing outward in mirrored protection stances. Deep engraving brings out scales, ridges, and teeth on each.

High Quality Jormungandr Bracelet

A raised Midgard Serpent dragon wraps around the wrist on this substantial textured bracelet. Intricate etching recreates smooth coils and scales.

Dragon Viking Bracelet

A vivid dragon head bust shows rows of pointed teeth on this bracelet. Surrounding Celtic knotwork adds stylistic embellishment.

Nidhogg Dragon Bangle

The etched shape of the root-gnawing dragon Níðhöggr wraps around this bangle with its long serpentine tail in its mouth. Runic letters accent it.

Wear the Magic

Expertly crafted, Viking dragon bracelets capture mythic magic and meaning. Wearing one ignites your inner fire and connects you to enduring legends of wisdom, courage, and guardianship.

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