Viking Wolf Bracelet

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This Viking jewelry piece, a robust double-chain steel bracelet, embodies power and resilience, reflecting Norse mythology's epic sagas. The unique, handcrafted design features a knotwork wolf's head clasp, an homage to the legendary Viking wolves Hati, Sköll, and Fenrir. Available...
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The most powerful creature in the world of Norse Mythology is the Fenir Wolf. This bracelet is made of high quality metal with premium finish. It is an endless source of inspiration and motivation for a big dog lover, brave...
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We're thrilled to unveil our limited-edition Fenrir Wolf Paracord Bracelet, a masterpiece in the realm of Viking-inspired jewelry. Crafted with exceptional care, this eye-catching accessory merges the aesthetic of ancient Vikings with the durability of modern design. Every detail speaks...
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Immerse yourself in ancient Norse culture with our striking Fenrir Head Viking Bracelet. An exquisite blend of historical artistry and contemporary design, this stunning piece of jewelry captures the strength and tenacity of the Viking warriors. Masterfully crafted, the bracelet...
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Fenrir, son of Loki and Angerboda, a famed wolf in Norse mythology, is integral to Viking lore, much like their revered trinkets. During Ragnarok, he brings about Odin's end, mirroring the perilous beauty of Viking jewelry. In revenge, Odin's son,...
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This captivating Odin Wolf Bracelet, forged from robust stainless steel, is an authentic embodiment of Viking jewelry craftsmanship. Boasting an intricate wolf-head design, inspired by Odin’s loyal wolves, Geri and Freki, this piece is not only a stylish accessory but...
Connect with the deep symbolism of the wolf in Old Norse legends with this detailed Viking Jewelry wolf pendant. In Viking lore, wolves represented opposing forces - darkness and light. Some embodied chaos and destruction while others signified loyalty and...
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Embody the spirit of the wolf with the Viking Jewelry Geri and Freki Wolves Bracelet. In Old Norse legends, Geri and Freki were Odin's loyal wolf companions. This rugged stainless steel cuff bracelet depicts the two mythical wolves with intricate...
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Unleash your primal side with the bold style of the Viking Jewelry Fenrir Bracelet. The prominent wolf head charm represents one of the most legendary canines from ancient tales. Known for untamed strength and fearlessness, this mythical wolf embodied the...
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Embrace your inner Norse spirit with this Viking Jewelry wolf bracelet. The two wolf head ends represent Geri and Freki, Odin's mythic companions. Their fierce expressions convey untamed energy. A braided Celtic link pattern adds fluidity between the heads for...
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Show your fierce spirit with this Tiger Heads Viking bracelet. Expertly engraved steel cuff with bold tiger head ends. The piercing eyes and snarling expressions represent primal power. Linked by textured, knotted bands echoing Norse motifs. In Viking culture, tigers...
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Bracelet size: 22cmWeight: 76g   Stainless steel  High-quality materials  We ship worldwide Production Time:Order verification, quality check & packaging. Usually Takes 3-5 days  Delivery Times (standard shipping)USA: 15-25 business daysCanada, Europe: 15-29 business daysSouth America, Rest of the world: 23-39 business days
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This product is made to order, which requires 10 to 12 working days for crafting before shipment The weight is ~58 grams.The size is 19 cm and can be adjusted from 17 to 23 cm.   100% Handmade  925 sterling silver  Made in Europe...
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Son of the demoniac god Loki and the giantess, Angerboda, Fenrir was one of the most feared wolves in Viking mythology. While he is often mentioned in many stories in Viking mythology most especially for his role in Ragnarok, little...
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Showcase your love for Norse legends with this Fenrir wolf bracelet. Fenrir was the most powerful creature in Norse mythology - the mighty wolf destined to kill Odin at Ragnarok. This stainless steel bracelet bears the iconic image of the...

Unleashing the Fenrir Within: Viking Wolf Bracelets

In Norse legends, wolves feature prominently as fearsome creatures of primal power. Viking wolf bracelets celebrate this icon through bold wolf motifs and rugged materials. The detailed beast designs and sturdy craftsmanship channel your inner fighter.

Wolves in Norse Lore

Wolves play major roles in Viking mythology. Fenrir was an enormous wolf fated to kill Odin at Ragnarok. His two sons, Sköll and Hati, chased the sun and moon through the sky. The giant wolves Geri and Freki accompanied Odin.

Wolves symbolized attributes like ferocity, cunning, loyalty, and destruction. Viking warriors channeled wolf energy in battle. Some took wolf totems as spirit guardians on raids.

Today, the wolf remains an important icon in Norse and Viking style. Wolf bracelets let wearers connect with old Norse symbols of primal power. The vivid motifs tap into your wild side.

Viking Artistry Reborn

Modern Viking jewelry captures historic Norse motifs in new bold designs. Wolf bracelets feature detailed wolf head pendants or engraving. Quality materials like stainless steel convey durability.

Jewelry makers reference Viking artifacts and legends to shape accurate wolf representations. Intricate stamping and etching create lifelike fur, teeth, and eyes. Each piece comes alive with untamed energy.

For many, wearing a Viking wolf bracelet provides a tangible link to values like courage, loyalty, and ferocity. The striking wolf artwork makes a statement about embracing your inner warrior.

Impactful Wolf Bracelets

Here are some stunning examples of modern Viking wolf bracelets:

Fenrir Wolf Bracelet

The giant wolf Fenrir was one of the most feared creatures in Norse myth. This wide bracelet is dominated by Fenrir's carved snarling head rendered in striking detail.

Huge Fenrir Wolf Bracelet

A massive Fenrir head bust shows off the wolf's fangs and shaggy mane on this imposing wide cuff bracelet. The bold rendering represents the beast's outsized presence.

Fenrir Wolf Paracord Bracelet

Intricate wolf and rune motifs decorate the woven paracord of this rugged bracelet. The bright colors pop against a steel clasp etched with Fenrir's name in runes.

Fenrir Head Viking Bracelet

A hand-carved Fenrir wolf head pendant adorns this thick leather bracelet. Etched knotwork backgrounds surround the expressive wolf totem.

Harness the Beast Within

Viking wolf bracelets celebrate the storied role of wolves in Norse culture through impactful designs. Wearing one awakens your inner beast - the raw power, courage, and energy within. Don a Viking wolf bracelet to let your wild side loose.

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