Viking Arm Ring

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This braided dragon heads Viking bracelet inspired by the Viking art style. The body of the bracelet is decorated with a twisting spiral motif, while the ends are surmounted by stylized dragon heads. Similar dragons can be seen on brooches, rune stones, or wooden items. Material:...
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Make a statement with the Iron Viking Bangle. Its intricate design and bold, masculine style will add a touch of rugged sophistication to any outfit, whether you're at work or play.   Stainless steel  High-quality materials  We ship worldwide
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Fenrir, son of Loki and Angerboda, a famed wolf in Norse mythology, is integral to Viking lore, much like their revered trinkets. During Ragnarok, he brings about Odin's end, mirroring the perilous beauty of Viking jewelry. In revenge, Odin's son,...
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Show your love for Norse legends with this Viking Jewelry Nidhogg dragon pendant. Nidhogg was the mythical dragon who gnawed at the roots of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, according to Viking lore. He survived Ragnarok and bore witness to...
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Unleash your inner warrior with this substantial Viking Jewelry Mjolnir bracelet. Inspired by the legendary hammer from Viking lore, this stainless steel cuff bracelet is designed to honor the primal mighty nature of the iconic symbol. With its prominent hammer...
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Channel your inner dragon with this spiraled Viking Jewelry Dragon Heads Bracelet. The intricate woven band surrounds your wrist with the magic of medieval legends. Bookended by stylized engraved dragon heads, the bracelet comes to life straight from Viking art...
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Unleash your inner warrior with this statement Viking Jewelry Mjolnir bracelet. The prominent hammer pendant combines Norse and Celtic designs for a fusion of medieval legends. In Viking lore, the central hammer symbol represented the iconic weapon of the thunder...
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Meaning "Curse Striker" or "He Who Strikes with Malice", Níðhöggr is one of the many dragons who dwell beneath the tree of life. Eating through its roots, Níðhöggr intends on pulling the cosmos back to chaos. He plays a big...
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Showcase your inner Viking with this braided dragon bracelet. The intricate, interlocking design reflects classic Viking Jewelry styles with its bold dragon heads and spiraling motif. Handcrafted by artisans, each bracelet has a unique, textured look. This meaningful accessory captures...
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Embrace your inner Norse spirit with this Viking Jewelry wolf bracelet. The two wolf head ends represent Geri and Freki, Odin's mythic companions. Their fierce expressions convey untamed energy. A braided Celtic link pattern adds fluidity between the heads for...
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Show your fiery spirit with this Dragon Heads Viking jewelry bracelet. The intricate braided design features two stylized dragon head ends with spiraling eyes. In between stretches a textured band engraved with a twisting Nordic motif. Echoing dragon imagery found...
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Add some Norse flair to your outfit with our limited edition Viking Bracelet. Our special edition Valknut Viking Bracelet is a great gift for yourself and others. The bracelet features a nordic-runes carving and the valknut symbol in the center...
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Unique stainless steel design inspired by the elder futhark runes. our bracelet available in several styles and it will fit comfortably around your wrist.Material: Stainless SteelLength: Adjustable fits all sizes   Stainless steel  High-quality materials  We ship worldwide Production Time:Order verification, quality check & packaging....
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This Viking bracelet with dragon heads was inspired by Viking art. The bracelet's body is adorned with a spiral motif, while the ends are adorned with stylised dragon heads. Similar dragons are depicted on brooches, rune stones, and wooden products....
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This product is made to order, which requires 10 to 12 working days for crafting before shipment The weight is ~58 grams.The size is 19 cm and can be adjusted from 17 to 23 cm.   100% Handmade  925 sterling silver  Made in Europe...
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Geri and Freki were two wolves that guarded the Norse god Odin's place. When the god was away, they protected him from intruders and evil spirits. Now, this symbol of protection is a great addition to your own jewelry collection!...
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Show off your love of adventure and Norse mythology with this striking Dragons Head Viking Bracelet. Made from stainless steel, it features a high-quality brushed finish and iconic dragon design to double down on its badassness. Our Viking Bracelet is sure...
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This Nordic Dragon Viking Bracelet is made of Stainless Steel, with a unique design, makes you more different from others. Made by High quality stainless steel material, durable and comfortable to wear. This Viking bracelet is perfect for you to...
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Arm Rings in Viking Culture: An Exploration of Historic Significance, Artistic Craftsmanship, and Societal Impact

The historical significance and intricate beauty of Viking arm rings are steeped in centuries of Norse tradition. These ornamental yet functional pieces of jewelry embody a wealth of symbolic meaning in the narrative of the Viking Age, reflecting societal hierarchy, faith, and values.

A Historical Overview of Viking Arm Rings

The genesis of the Viking arm rings hails back to the period often referred to as the Viking Age. Norse warriors wore these metallic bands not merely as decorative embellishments, but as badges of honour and strength, believed to be imbued with divine protection from the gods such as Odin and Thor.

Arm Rings and Norse Mythology

The deep-rooted connection between the arm rings and Norse mythology is profoundly reflected in the epics of the gods themselves. Odin's arm ring, Draupnir, was depicted as an artefact of magical regeneration, producing eight identical rings every ninth night. Thor's arm ring, Megingjörð, on the other hand, was allegorically linked to his colossal strength.

The Significance of Arm Rings as Status Symbols and Currency

Beyond the sphere of mythology, arm rings served as tangible indicators of wealth and power in Viking society. Often crafted from silver and gold, these rings bore intricate designs of creatures such as dragons, ravens, and wolves, each with a distinct symbolic connotation within the Viking cosmology.

Simultaneously, arm rings fulfilled an economic function. Their weight determined their value, transforming them into a convenient form of portable wealth that could easily facilitate trade and bartering.

Craftsmanship and the Artistry of Viking Arm Rings

Scandinavian craftsmen dedicated enormous care and skill in creating these artefacts. Utilising an array of metallurgical techniques, they shaped, etched and embossed these metallic bands into visually stunning and unique arm rings, each carrying its distinct significance.

Societal Roles and Rituals: Arm Rings for Men and Warriors

Typically, Viking arm rings were the preserve of the male demographic, particularly the warriors. They were a testament to their masculinity, courage, and martial prowess. Ensuring a precise fit was crucial, not just for the sake of comfort, but also because a poorly fitting arm ring could inhibit a warrior's performance in battle.

Arm Rings as an Emblem of Loyalty

For young Viking men transitioning into adulthood, receiving an arm ring often marked this pivotal rite of passage. The Oath Ring, a specific type of arm ring, was a visible pledge of allegiance to their chieftain, symbolising their commitment to uphold societal values and traditions. Any act of breaking this arm ring was seen as an abominable act of treachery, punishable by stringent measures.

The Arm Rings Collection at Epic Loot Shop

Epic Loot Shop offers a curated selection of Viking arm rings for purchase. Drawing inspiration from the rich historical and symbolic legacy of these artefacts, our diverse collection spans various designs, metals, and sizes.

Perks for First-Time Customers

First-time customers are eligible for a special introductory discount on their initial order. Just add your chosen arm ring to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout to avail of this exclusive offer.

Varied Assortments and Secure Shopping

Our assortment of arm rings feature designs rooted in Viking symbolism. From fierce dragons to wise ravens and mystical wolves, there is something for every preference. The variety of sizes ensures a comfortable fit for every wearer. Shopping with us is secure and easy, with a seamless checkout process and robust payment system.

Discover Our Extensive Viking-Inspired Collection

In addition to arm rings, we offer a vast array of Viking-inspired jewelry, including bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Our collection encapsulates the essence of Viking heritage in every piece.

Embrace Your Heritage with Viking Arm Rings

Each Viking arm ring is a tangible link to the rich and storied Norse heritage. Whether you are fascinated by Norse mythology, appreciate the intricate craftsmanship, or value the historical symbolism, our collection offers a unique piece of Viking history for everyone. Add a Viking arm ring to your cart today, and take a step into the fascinating world of Viking history and culture.

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