Nordic gold jewelry

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"The Helm of Awe - I wore before the sons of men - In defense of my treasure; Amongst all, I alone was strong, I thought to myself, For I found no power a match for my own" Aegishjalmur  – Known as one of the most...
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Immerse yourself in the potent Norse mythology with this distinctive piece of Viking jewelry, a tribute to the legendary Spear of Odin, Gungnir. This awe-inspiring pendant emanates an air of Power, Unwavering Determination, Directness, and Honor – qualities embodied by...
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The Celtic Trinity Knot - The mystery surrounding these symbols, like in many mythologies, is what makes them so attractive. The most plausible interpretation is that it symbolizes the life cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, although we can't be...
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Drape yourself in the grandeur of Viking heritage with the King's Chain, a distinct Viking jewelry symbolizing power. Adorned with Odin's wolves, Geri and Freki, this enormous necklace is a testament to the prestige of Viking kings. It's not just...
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Experience the raw power of our Mjolnir necklace, an embodiment of prime Viking craftsmanship. This Viking jewelry, wrought with the finest and robust stainless steel, channels the indomitable spirit of Norse legends. Perfectly designed, this Viking necklace not only epitomizes...
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This Viking axe head necklace, a hallmark of Viking jewelry, serves as a symbol of the brave warriors of yore. As a staple of Viking necklaces, its presence reminds wearers of their forefathers' enduring battles and sacrifices for their people,...
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Step into the saga of eternal chase with our Viking Necklace, inspired by Hati, the mythic wolf who races through the night skies in pursuit of the moon. This piece embodies the essence of primal freedom and the relentless spirit...
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We are thrilled to unveil our limited-edition Fenrir Silver Gold Ring, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of Viking jewelry craftsmanship. Expertly created with attention to every detail, this Viking ring manifests the unyielding strength and mystique of the...
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The Gold King Chain, a superb piece of Viking jewelry, embodies the fierce spirit of the Úlfhéðnar, Odin's revered warriors. As a Viking chain tribute, it captures the rawness of their wolf-skin battle garb. Exquisite in design, this emblem of...
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As a playful trick, Loki snipped off Sif's golden hair, igniting Thor's wrath. To rectify his mistake, Loki ventured to Svartalfheim, the heartland of dwarven craftsmanship. The dwarves there not only spun new locks for Sif, rivalling in beauty her...
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This is a Viking-inspired piece of jewelry, integrating two potent Norse symbols into a necklace. It features Jörmungandr, the World Serpent encircling Earth, whose tail-hold predicts the beginning of Ragnarök. Complementing the serpent is the Valknut, marking fallen warriors earning...
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We're thrilled to unveil our limited-edition Fenrir Wolf Paracord Bracelet, a masterpiece in the realm of Viking-inspired jewelry. Crafted with exceptional care, this eye-catching accessory merges the aesthetic of ancient Vikings with the durability of modern design. Every detail speaks...
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In Norse tradition, the hammer signifies earthly strength, death, and rebirth. As a tribute to Thor's battlefield dominance, Viking warriors wore Viking jewelry, notably hammer pendants, symbols of common man's might and endurance. Over generations, these Viking necklace pieces have...
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“Whoever wears this symbol shall never lose his way in storms or bad weather, even if he has no sense direction” Perfect for any occasion, this necklace looks great with any outfit. This necklace is a great way to demonstrate your...
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We're excited to present our limited-edition Viking Jewelry designs. Exemplifying the bravura of the ancient Norse, our Guarding Raven Pendant Necklace stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. This Viking Necklace, constructed with superior materials, resonates with the mystical allure...
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This exquisite stainless steel Mjolnir amulet, a prime example of Viking jewelry, is ideal for re-enactments, historical attire, or everyday wear. Known from Norse mythology, Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, epitomizes the God of Thunder's power to level mountains. As a focal...
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Embrace the power of ancient Norse traditions with this striking 316L stainless steel Mjolnir pendant, a quintessential piece of Viking jewelry. At its center, the Vegvisir design navigates your journey, surrounded by Odin's loyal wolves, Geri and Freki. The unbreakable...
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Experience the mystique of the Viking era with the Runes Antique Gold Ring. Inspired by Viking jewelry designs, this ring is a blend of history and modern craftsmanship. Unique in its aesthetic and enigmatic in its symbolism, this piece is...
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Fenrir, a fearsome wolf of Norse lore, is often mirrored in Viking jewelry, encapsulating themes of justice, vengeance, and fierce courage. Viking chains bearing Fenrir's likeness evoke strength and destiny, a fearless symbol of inevitability and commitment to one's true...
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Reflecting the powerful mythologies of their era, Viking jewelry prominently showcased remarkable designs like the King Chain. An iconic Viking necklace, this chain culminated in dragon heads clasping a ring, from which a Mjölnir pendant dangled. Mjölnir, Thor's boomerang hammer...
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Known for gnawing at the roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil, the powerful dragon Nidhogg comes to life through the bracelet's captivating design. Each scale is meticulously handcrafted, creating a mesmerizing look that will turn heads wherever you go.Forged from...
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Yggdrasil and the Midgard Serpent, two symbols from the Nordic mythology that enliven this piece of Viking necklace. The Midgard Serpent, also known as Jormungand, surrounds the Norse tree of life called Yggdrasil that holds all possible worlds together. This...
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Combine two iconic symbols from Viking lore with this meaningful Viking Jewelry pendant. The pendant brings together Mjolnir, the legendary hammer from Norse mythology, and a pair of protective wolves. In Viking culture, these motifs represented dignity, honor, strength, power,...
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Channel the focus and ambition of ancient Vikings with this Viking Jewelry Gungnir spearhead pendant necklace. The pendant features a gold Valknut symbol encircled by Norse runic letters. In Viking legend, Gungnir was a mighty spear that never missed its...

Epic Loot’s Nordic Gold Jewelry Collection

In the vast, frost-bitten lands of the north, a culture steeped in mystique, courage, and a unique perspective on life once thrived: the Vikings. Through their extraordinary storytelling and artistry, they left an enduring legacy. One such example of their enduring impact is found in their exquisite craftsmanship of Nordic gold jewelry.

The Epic Loot Collection: A Tribute to the Viking Heritage

At Epic Loot, we take immense pride in our Nordic Gold Jewelry collection, a tribute to the bold spirit and complex folklore of the Viking culture. This specially curated collection merges high-quality craftsmanship with authentic and symbolic designs, showcasing unique, non-fading, and rust-resistant pieces steeped in rich narratives and history.

Nordic Gold: The Prized Material of the Vikings

Nordic gold, despite its name, doesn't contain actual gold. Instead, it is a high-quality alloy composed of copper, aluminum, and zinc, appreciated for its durability and golden hue. Vikings used this exceptional material for various artifacts, including their coveted jewelry. Today, we continue this tradition at Epic Loot, bringing you the finest Nordic gold pieces.

Jewelry as Storytellers: The Symbolism in the Designs

Each piece of our collection isn't just a jewelry item; it is a story in metal, echoing tales of ancient gods, legendary creatures, and the Vikings' fascinating view of the cosmos.

Aegishjalmur Helm Of Awe Ring: The Emblem of Protection

The Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe Ring is one such piece, capturing the allure of the old Norse "Helm of Awe" symbol. This symbol, associated with protection and victory, is a significant element in Viking folklore, providing the wearer with the courage of the fearless sea-faring warriors.

Gungnir Odin Spear Necklace: Power of the Allfather

The Gungnir Odin Spear Necklace is an homage to Odin, the Allfather in Norse mythology. The pendant, shaped as the Gungnir, Odin's spear, represents the wisdom and power of the Allfather, reminding us of the divine guidance in the pursuit of knowledge.

Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant Necklace: The Continuity of Life

The Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant Necklace is a beautiful depiction of the Celtic belief in the continuity of life and the interconnection of all things. This stunning piece, crafted with precision, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also bears profound symbolism, making it a customer favorite.

King Chain Wolves Holding Mjolnir Pendant: The Thunder God's Might

The King Chain Wolves Holding Mjolnir Pendant is a powerful representation of the mighty Thor and his trusted companions. The Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, symbolizes protection and strength, while the wolves reflect loyalty and camaraderie, offering an intricate tale of divine power and friendship.

Fenrir Wolf Keychain: The Prophesied Beast

The Fenrir Wolf Keychain reflects the Viking's respect and wariness for the prophesied beast, Fenrir. This keychain, meticulously crafted in high-quality Nordic gold, isn't just a functional piece but a conversation starter and a testament to Viking lore.

Mjolnir Pendant With a Rune Bead: Divine Strength and Mystery

The Mjolnir Pendant With a Rune Bead is another top-selling piece in our collection. The runic bead adds an extra layer of mystique to Thor's hammer, representing ancient wisdom and the divine language of the gods.

Nordic Vikings Axe Necklace: The Warrior's Pride

The Nordic Vikings Axe Necklace pays tribute to the primary weapon and tool of these formidable seafarers. The axe, a crucial part of the Viking's life, embodies their warrior spirit and determination, making this piece a favorite among those who admire the Viking's courage.

Hati Wolf Chase the Moon Pendant Necklace: The Endless Pursuit

The Hati Wolf Chase the Moon Pendant Necklace captures the Viking's vision of the cosmos. The necklace represents Hati, the wolf who forever chases the moon, symbolizing an unending quest, echoing the Vikings' relentless pursuit of knowledge and exploration.

Fenrir Silver Gold Ring: The Beast and Beauty

The Fenrir Silver Gold Ring, another tribute to the monstrous wolf Fenrir, is a blend of fear, respect, and intricate craftsmanship. This piece, made from sterling silver and Nordic gold, is an elegant symbol of Viking mythology's complexity and depth.

Gold King Chain With Wolf Heads & Mjolnir Pendant: The Divine and the Wild

Finally, the Gold King Chain With Wolf Heads & Mjolnir Pendant merges the wild and the divine. This piece combines the symbol of Thor's hammer, representing divine strength, with the wolves, symbols of untamed wilderness, culminating in a beautiful representation of the interplay between civilization and nature in Viking culture.

Conclusion: A Testament to Timeless Artistry and Symbolism

The Epic Loot Nordic Gold Jewelry collection is more than just an assortment of beautiful accessories; it is a testament to the enduring allure of the Viking culture and the timeless artistry of their craftspeople. These high-quality, authentic, and symbolically rich pieces are designed not just to adorn but to inspire, evoking the courage, wisdom, and mystique of the Viking Age.

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