King Chain With Odin's Ravens & Mjolnir Pendant

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The connection between Odin and his ravens, Huginn and Muninn, runs deep and is a story older than the Viking history itself. Well before the beginning of the Viking Age in the late eighth century, Odin's helmets and jewelry were often depicted accompanied by one or both ravens. Also known as the "Raven God" as a poetic way of describing how fallen heroes on the battlefield were sacrificed to the ravens, Huginn and Muninn are often referred to as the greedy hawks of Odin. And just like how his ravens sat on his shoulders, this Mjolnir necklace is meant to remind you of the relationship Odin had with his loyal ravens. This piece of Viking jewelry captures the essence of Norse mythology, symbolizing wisdom, memory, and the deep bond between the god and his companions.

Size - 70cm Length.

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Customer Reviews

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Antoinette W.

Quality necklace. Casting of accessories is quite clear

Madeline W.

Hammer is very solid and has a nice plating!

Anastasia G.

The necklace is great, very quality nice and beautiful. The product is great, slow to arrive; But important thing is if you get ImI

Maureen L.

Very good product. I bought it to give away and my husband loved it. It was perfect and the material is very good. Recommended

Alec N.

They are beautiful. Love the necklace very very much and thank you for also keeping in touch