Odin's ravens Huginn and Muninn Runic Necklace

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Embody the spirit of the ancient Vikings with this unique, high-quality Viking necklace. Named after Huginn and Muninn, Old Norse deities of thought and memory, two ravens elegantly adorn this pendant, symbolizing Odin's world-traveling informants. The rear features runes whispering "Live Forever in the Halls of Valhalla," framed by the awe-inspiring Helm of Awe emblem. This one-of-a-kind Viking jewelry combines rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship, transporting you to a timeless era.

Length: 70cm
Weight: 45g
Pendant height: 4cm

  Premium 316L stainless steel
  Lifetime warranty
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Judge G.

Beautiful pendant, excellent service, and excellent communication with both the Shop owner and the support team- I would definitely recommend it. Thank you very much!

Hilda C.

It's a beautiful necklace with some amazing details. It became my favorite piece of jewelry because of the symbols engraved on it. It fits well. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thank you very much!

Alex S.

It's a beautiful pendant! I love northern mythology, especially the story of huginn and muninn, and this is fantastic! Thank you very much!

Ethyl G.

It's absolutely perfect!! I had been look out for new pendant like this for some time, and when I came across the gorgeous shop of epic loot, I was immediately drawn to it and realized that this pendant was even better than what I thought. Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful piece of jewelry! I'm very pleased with my purchase :)

Aisha W.

It took a little while to get here, but I expected that with the distance and all the crazy stuff going on. It was SO worth the wait! I love it. The pendant is amazing, the design is super artistic and we love it! We are extremely pleased.