Vikings Weapons & Warfare

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Vikings Weapons & Warfare

Viking weapons and warfare have always been topics of interest, especially among the reenactors and others who are drawn to the lore surrounding these mighty Norsemen. However, there have been a lot of misconceptions about Viking weapons that have been perpetuated through popular culture that it's time to dispel. Let's talk Viking weapons and Viking warfare.

What type of warfare did the Vikings use?

The Vikings were among the most feared warriors in history, and their legendary ferocity on the battlefield is still remembered today. But it wasn't just brute strength that made them such fearsome opponents.

The Vikings used a variety of weapons, including swords and axes, as well as ships, in order to conquer new lands and expand their empire across Europe. They had many tactics and strategies that they would use depending on their situation.

The most common type of warfare used by the Vikings was known as Viking raids. These took place all over Europe, although they tended to focus on England, Ireland and France. Raids typically involved sailing into a port town or village at night and attacking with surprise on board ship before escaping back out to sea before reinforcements could arrive.

This type of attack could be highly effective because it often caught people off guard — especially if they hadn't seen any ships arriving in their harbor. The Vikings also had an advantage when it came to fighting on land because their ships were equipped with sturdy shields that protected them from arrows when they first landed on shore.

Why was warfare important to the Vikings?

We can't really say for sure why warfare was important to the Vikings. But we do know that they were very good at it.

Warfare was important because it was a way of life for the Vikings. They were constantly fighting with each other, either to expand their territory or to defend it from invaders. In addition, they fought other nations to steal their wealth and goods, or simply because they wanted to prove their strength and bravery.

The Vikings also used warfare as a means of gaining new land or resources - if they could defeat an enemy army in battle, they would often take over their land as well as any goods or treasures they had gathered up in their travels.

Another reason for warfare is that it gave men something to do - there was no entertainment in those days except for fighting!

What weapons did vikings use?

The variety of weapons used by the Vikings was great. There were many different types of weapons that they used depending on their situation and location. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular weapons used by the Vikings.


The axe was a very common weapon among the Vikings. They used them as both protection and as a tool for hunting. The axe could be used to chop wood or attack an enemy in battle. It was also useful in helping them cut down trees with ease.


The spear was another common weapon among the Vikings. The spear would be thrown at opponents or thrust into them during battle. Spears were made from wood or metal, depending on what material they had available at the time. Spears could also be used as poles for shields to protect themselves from enemy attacks if needed.

What was the Vikings most powerful weapon?

The Vikings had many types of weapons, but the most powerful were their ships. The Viking longships were very fast and could carry up to 100 men. The Vikings used these ships to travel long distances and attack other countries. They also used them to escape from danger when they needed to.

How did Vikings actually fight?

The Vikings were actually highly skilled fighters with sophisticated tactics and strategies. And they were also very well organized.

They were also very good at working as a team. In fact, one of the reasons they were so successful was because they were able to work together so closely.

This was particularly true when it came to fighting on water. The Vikings knew how to row their ships in unison, which meant that they could use them as weapons by ramming into enemy ships or attacking them from behind with spears and arrows.

Their fighting skills also extended to hand-to-hand combat on land. This was usually reserved for times when there was no alternative but to fight face-to-face with swords or axes.

What made Vikings so strong?

The Vikings were strong because they were healthy and strong. They were not fat and lazy like most people today.

In most cases, the Vikings ate well. They ate lots of meat, fish and vegetables. The Vikings also had a lot of exercise in their daily lives. They didn't have to spend all day sitting behind a desk at work or driving in a car to get there. Instead, they worked hard on farms or with animals so that they could grow food and raise animals for food. This gave them plenty of exercise every day.

Another reason that the Vikings were so strong was because they had good genes (DNA). Good genes help you live longer and stay healthy longer than people with bad DNA do!

Why were the Vikings so fearless?

The Vikings were fearless because they believed in Valhalla, a place where the bravest warriors would go after death. In Valhalla, the Vikings would fight each day until the end of time.

The Vikings believed that Odin, their god of war, had created Valhalla for them. They thought that when they died, Odin would take their souls to his hall and give them food and drink.

The Vikings also believed that death was not the end of life. Their religion taught that all men had two souls: one that stayed with the body after death and another which went to Hel (a dark place ruled by Hela - goddess of death). The man's body stayed in Hel until it was reincarnated into another body either on earth or in some distant part of space.

Did Vikings prefer axes or swords?

Swords and axes were both used by Vikings. They were used for different purposes, however.

Swords were used to kill their enemies and could be used as a defensive weapon, but they were also symbolic of power. Swords also had religious significance, as they were often associated with Odin, the god of war and death.

The axe was more practical than the sword, since it was easier to carry around and use in battle. The Vikings often wore an axe on their belts when they went into battle, and they would use it to chop off their opponent's limbs or heads if the sword wasn't available or effective enough. The axe was also important in other aspects of Viking life; it could be used for chopping wood and clearing land for farming or house building!

Why did Vikings break their swords?

The purpose of breaking swords was to consecrate them to Freyr. The Vikings believed that this would give them power to defeat their enemies.

The Vikings believed that if they had enough power, they could defeat the forces of chaos and evil. In order to increase their power, they would break their swords and consecrate them. This ritual was called blót.

The sword is a symbol of masculinity, strength and power. Breaking a sword is an act of submission or surrender, but it can also be an act of defiance when done in the right context.

What is a Viking sword called?

A Viking sword is called a "seax." The seax was the most common and most practical weapon of the Vikings. The seax had a long, single-edged blade that was often double-edged at the tip. It was designed for cutting rather than thrusting and could be used effectively in close combat.

The seax became popular among the Norse because of its versatility and durability. These swords were typically made from steel, which gave them great strength and flexibility. A Viking sword could also be used as a tool or weapon in an emergency situation.

What metal did Vikings use for weapons?

Vikings used a lot of different metals to make their weapons. The most common were bronze and iron, but they also made weapons out of silver, gold, and even steel.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. It's harder than copper but not as strong as iron. Bronze was often used for decorative items like jewelry, tools, and shields.

Iron is the strongest metal known to man. It's made by heating iron ore in a furnace until it melts into a liquid state, then pouring it into molds to cool down and form ingots (big blocks). Ingots were then forged into swords, spears, axes and other weapons by Viking blacksmiths in their workshops. The Vikings knew how to make steel from iron ore but didn't use it much because they found it too hard to work with.


Viking weapons and warfare have been hugely popular since the Vikings were first mentioned in 8th century writings. The Viking sagas, their fearsome reputation, and the mystery surrounding them all still capture our imagination today. But much of what we know about them is based on conjecture and conjecture alone. Only a fraction of their history is still known to us today, and this limits our understanding of their daily lives as well as their warfare tactics. Nevertheless, it's still fascinating to delve into their culture and history to learn how they lived and how they fought.

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