Black King Chain With Wolf Heads & Mjolnir Pendant

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Loki, the trickster god, found himself feeling more mischievous than usual one day and decided to play a trick on his brother, Thor. He decided it would be fun to cut off the golden locks of Sif, Thor's wife. Enraged Thor captured Loki and threatened to break every bone in his body. Pleading, Loki asked Thor to send him down to Svartalfheim, the cavernous home of the dwarves, so he could ask the dwarves to fashion a new head of hair for Sif. One more beautiful than the golden locks she lost.

Thor agreed and there Loki obtained what he desired. However, he decided to stay a little longer, this time playing tricks on brothers Brokkr and Sindri. He told the brothers that while they were good craftsmen they would never be able to beat the sons of the dwarf Ivaldi. Offended, brothers Brokkr and Sindri took the challenge and forged three weapons that anyone would be proud of. One being the hammer, MJOLNIR.  

Size - 70cm Length.

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Josefa G.

Beautiful jewelry. Very intricate design. Shipping wasn't bad either. Will have to buy more from this shop sometime.

Alysson R.

Excellent transaction. Item as promised. Very nice quality and design.

Coby H.

Super cute! Love my new necklace. Exactly what I ordered and timely.

Elton K.

This is a fabulous necklace! The detail is exquisite! This is an heirloom piece. I am simply thrilled with its beauty, presence, and power. Well worth the wait. I am very glad that I decided to order this necklace. Thank you for creating it!

Claire H.

Has good weight to it and its beyond perfect. It seriously looks just like the picture.. no scams here