Nordic Thor hammer Mjolnir Necklace

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In Norse mythology, Thor is the almighty God of Thunder. He is the son of Odin and Giantess Fjörgyn and is often associated with thunder, lightning, oak trees, and strength.

He has red hair and is known to grow out his red beard. Unfortunately, while Thor is known to be the strongest of all of the gods, he is not known for being the wisest of his peers. He is often easily riled and because he is quick to anger, the giants often loved to make fun of him. It always ends in a fight where he has an unfair advantage not only because of his strength but also because he wields the hammer, Mjölnir.

Thor resides in Thrudheim, the name means “Place of Might”, together with his lovely wife, Sif.

Inspired by his brute strength comes our own interpretation: NORDIC THOR HAMMER MJOLNIR NECKLACE. A definite must-have for Thor enthusiasts.

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Customer Reviews

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Oleta L.

Good stuff.

Lenny V.

much better than i expected, good and sturdy. The details on the pendant is so much better than how it looks on their website.

Delphia G.

Chain is heavy but doesn't weigh you down, pendant is made of stainless steel. Great buy!

Amelie S.

5 stars!

Ethan B.

Perfect as advertised