Odin's Valor: Natural Stone Viking Bracelet

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Odin [16CM]
Odin [18CM]
Odin [20CM]
Valknut [16CM]
Valknut [18CM]
Valknut [20CM]
Odin & Valknut [16CM]
Odin & Valknut [18CM]
Odin & Valknut [20CM]

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Channel the legendary power of Norse gods with "Odin's Valor," a robust bracelet that blends the mystical allure of natural stones with the timeless luster of silver. This bracelet, available in individual Odin or Valknut styles or as a combined set, is designed for those who draw inspiration from the ancient Norse sagas. Each variant embodies the spirit and symbolism of its namesake, be it Odin's wisdom or the Valknut's connection to the fallen warriors.

Product Features:

  • - Material: Silver and natural stones.
  • - Bead Size: 8mm for a balanced look.
  • - Weight: Averages 22.6 to 26 grams, ensuring a solid feel.
  • - Available Sizes: Choose from 16cm, 18cm, or 20cm to fit your wrist perfectly.
  • - Purchase Options: Offered as individual Odin or Valknut bracelets, or as an Odin & Valknut Set to complete your collection.

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