Viking Fenrir wolf rune Ring

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As is recounted in the tale The Binding of Fenrir, the Aesir gods raised Fenrir themselves in hopes of keeping him under their control. However, they did not expect him to grow at such an astonishingly fast pace the way he did and this eventually caused them fear and worry. In the end, the Aesir gods decided it was in their best interest to chain him. There were two unsuccessful attempts before they succeeded the third time. The Aesir gods asked the dwarves to forge the strongest chain they have ever built, however, one that would not harm Fenrir. When presented with the chain that the dwarves had made, Fenrir asked the Aesir gods for an act of good faith. He asked one of the gods to stick his or her hand in his mouth. Tyr was the only one brave enough to do it. A part of him knew that he might lose his hand but as it was needed he did it anyway. True enough, he lost his arm when Fenrir tried to break free of his bonds. The chain was then bound to a boulder and a sword was placed in Fenrir’s jaw to hold them open. It is said that his from his drooling mouth came the river called "Expectation".

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Customer Reviews

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Alan H.

Truly marvelous! I couldn't expect such a good quality for such a small price! The ring is really beautiful, and the engraving is really well done, the shop owner even sent a picture before shipping to see the final product. I strongly recommend the product and the shop!

Jimmie P.

Very beautiful become. Very happy with it!

Maurine H.

Beautiful rings, fast delivery. engraving liked, thanks to the shop!.

Kristopher R.

It's perfect, I don't know if it's going to get big, but that would be my fault. If it fits big, I'm 100% sure I 'd ask the same artist for another. He sent me a picture before he sent it for Q to see how it looked, very good of you and the shipment arrived very fast.

Jermain H.

Very nice, everything in order as promised the publication.