Viking Nordic Rune Pendant - Stainless steel

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ᛉ - Algiz / Steel / 60CM
ᛉ - Algiz / Leather / 60CM
ᛟ - Dagaz / Steel / 60CM
ᛟ - Dagaz / Leather / 60CM
ᚢ - Uruz / Steel / 60CM
ᚢ - Uruz / Leather / 60CM
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ᚨ - Ansuz / Leather / 60CM
ᛇ - Sowilo / Steel / 60CM
ᛇ - Sowilo / Leather / 60CM
ᚠ - Fehu / Steel / 60CM
ᚠ - Fehu / Leather / 60CM
< - Kenaz / Steel / 60CM
< - Kenaz / Leather / 60CM
ᛈ - Perthro / Steel / 60CM
ᛈ - Perthro / Leather / 60CM

Unlock the magic of ancient runes with this detailed Viking Jewelry Viking Nordic Rune Pendant. The stainless steel pendant features an etched central Vegvisir rune compass surrounded by ornate triangular knot borders. In Old Norse lore, runes were thought to hold mystical powers and convey ancient wisdom. This substantial pendant allows you to carry that mythic energy with you. The prominent etched rune design pops against the shining steel, showcasing precise craftsmanship. For devotees of Norse legends, this distinctive necklace makes a meaningful statement. Let the ancient symbols serve as your guide as you embark on epic journeys.

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Customer Reviews

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Jake C.

Great Quality and customer service

Katrina S.

Just received my pendant and I love it. It came faster than expected. The pendant is extremely well made. Product is very sturdy and will definitely last a long time. Great craftsmanship and their customer service was very helpful. I will definitely order from this shop again

Trudie K.

Just received my new necklace and I LOVE it. I don't remember a time when I did not have it on my neck LOL. It was all worth it, I won't lie it took a min to arrive , but i must admit anytime i reached out to their customer service with questions, they responded quickly and it finally arrived and I couldn't be happier , the wait was worth it and I would gladly order from this shop again. The craftsmanship is incredible, this pendant is beautiful. I will definitely be wearing this regularly.