Warrior's Frost Edge Blade: Essence of Valor

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This exquisitely forged armament pays tribute to generations of peerless combat mastery. Its icy finish seems to radiate the unbreakable willpower of ancient warlords, ready to vanquish all adversity.

Display this miniature blade on your desk as a token of audacity in the eye of hardship. Let its presence fill your space with resonant stories of conquests long past, achievements etched forever into legend.

With meticulous attention to detail and handcrafted care, this is a showpiece designed to symbolize courage, tenacity and supreme skill crystallized into a lustrous form. Introduce its commanding aura of determination into your world; a condensed emblem of excelling against all odds and emerging the undefeated champion of your trials.


- Material: Metal Zinc Alloy
- Finish: Electroplating
- Length: 22cm
- Weight: 87g
- Non-sharp Blade, complying with Customs Regulations

Key Benefits:

- Elegant nspired designs for cultural richness.
- Built with durable metal for longevity and authenticity.
- Enhances any setting with its unique decorative appeal.
- Ideal for enthusiasts of Chinese history and art.
- A meaningful gift that echoes the valor of ancient traditions.

In the Package:

- 1 Warrior's Frost Edge Model - This crafted piece offers an authentic glimpse into the grandeur of ancient craftsmanship, safely bringing the spirit of legendary battles and cultural reverence into your personal or professional space.

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