Norse Arm Ring

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Dragons were creatures of power and mystery, guardians of ancient treasures and sacred wisdom. This Viking Dragon Bracelet, a fearsome piece of Viking jewelry, embodies the strength and magic of these legendary beasts. Crafted with the fire of the dragon's...
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This braided dragon heads Viking bracelet is inspired by the Viking art style. The body of the bracelet is decorated with a twisting spiral motif, while the ends are surmounted by stylized dragon heads. Similar dragons can be seen on...
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Udělejte prohlášení s Iron Viking Bangle. Jeho propracovaný design a odvážný mužský styl dodají každému outfitu nádech drsné sofistikovanosti, ať už jste v práci nebo ve hře.   Nerezová ocel  Vysoce kvalitní materiály  Dovážíme do celého světa
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Fenrir, syn Lokiho a Angerbody, známý vlk v severské mytologii, je nedílnou součástí vikingské tradice, podobně jako jejich uctívané cetky. Během Ragnaroku způsobí Odinův konec, zrcadlící nebezpečnou krásu vikingských šperků. V pomstě Odinův syn Vidar, který nosí vikingský náramek jako...
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Dive into the depths of Norse legend with this remarkable Nidhogg Dragon bracelet, a testament to the power of Viking jewelry. Nidhogg, the mythical dragon who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, is a symbol of the cycle of destruction...
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Unleash your inner warrior with this substantial Mjolnir bracelet, a bold statement in Viking jewelry. Inspired by Thor's legendary hammer, this stainless steel cuff is designed to embody the primal power of this iconic symbol. With its prominent hammer motif...
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From the treasure hoards of Norse legend, this dragon bracelet emerges, a glittering testament to the power and mystery of these mythical beasts. The intricate woven band, reminiscent of Viking knotwork, wraps around your wrist like the coils of a...
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Níðhöggr, což znamená „Útočník kletby“ nebo „Ten, kdo udeří zlomyslností“, je jedním z mnoha draků, kteří přebývají pod stromem života. Níðhöggr má v úmyslu přivést vesmír zpět do chaosu a projídat jeho kořeny. V Ragnaroku hraje velkou roli, protože jeho...
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Awaken the power of the dragon with this mesmerizing Dragon Viking Bracelet. The intricate, interlocking design, with its bold dragon heads and spiraling motifs, is a testament to the skill and artistry of Norse craftsmen. In Viking culture, dragons were...
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Embrace the spirit of the wolf with this powerful Norse Wolf Bracelet. The centerpiece of this bracelet features two intricately detailed wolf heads, their fierce expressions and lifelike features a testament to the skill of Norse artisans. The bracelet itself,...
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Embrace the power of the Norse gods with this exquisite Valknut Viking Bracelet. The centerpiece of this bracelet is the Valknut, a sacred symbol of Odin and a representation of the interconnectedness of all things. The three interlocking triangles, each...
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Unlock the secrets of the ancient Norse with this captivating Elder Futhark Runes Bracelet. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this Viking bracelet features the complete set of 24 Elder Futhark runes, the oldest known runic alphabet. Each rune is carefully...
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This Viking bracelet with dragon heads was inspired by Viking art. The bracelet's body is adorned with a spiral motif, while the ends feature stylized dragon heads. Similar dragons are depicted on brooches, rune stones, and wooden products from the...
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Fenrir, the mighty wolf of Norse mythology, embodies primal power and untamed ferocity. This 925 Silver Fenrir Head Arm Ring is a striking piece of Viking jewelry, crafted to capture the essence of this legendary beast. Made from genuine 925...
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Celebrate Norse mythology with this detailed raven feather bracelet. Inspired by Huginn and Muninn, Odin's messenger ravens, each feather is carefully crafted to resemble an actual bird's plumage, imbuing the bracelet with mystical symbolism. A sturdy yet elegant piece, it...
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Unleash your inner warrior with the awe-inspiring Norse Legacy Dragon Arc Bracelet. Handcrafted from premium stainless steel and featuring a captivating combination of sterling silver and black resin, this Viking bracelet embodies the unyielding spirit of legendary Norse dragons. With...
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Geri and Freki were two wolves that guarded the Norse god Odin's place. When the god was away, they protected him from intruders and evil spirits. Now, this symbol of protection is a great addition to your own jewelry collection!...
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Show off your love of adventure and Norse mythology with this striking Dragons Head Viking Bracelet. Made from stainless steel, it features a high-quality brushed finish and iconic dragon design, enhancing its bold and powerful look. Our Viking Bracelet is...
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This Nordic Dragon Viking Bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel, featuring a unique design that sets you apart from others. Durable and comfortable to wear, this bracelet embodies the strength and mystique of the legendary Norse dragon. Perfect for...

Adorning the Arms of Warriors: Norse Arm Rings

Arm rings were an important part of Viking culture and adornment. These metal rings worn around the upper arm projected an image of strength and status. For bold Norse warriors, arm rings were a symbol of honor. Today, Viking-inspired arm rings capture the essence of this iconic jewelry.

Arm Rings in Viking Culture

During the Viking era, from about 700-1100 AD, arm rings were coveted items. These metal rings worn on the upper arm served both practical and symbolic purposes.

For men, arm rings signified their status as warriors and leaders. The rings demonstrated their right to bear arms in defense of their clan or village. Kings and nobles awarded arm rings to warriors to honor courage and battlefield prowess.

Arm rings also functioned as payment. The Norse economy relied heavily on trade, and arm rings containing precious metals served as currency. A ring's value depended on its size, weight, and materials.

For Viking women, arm rings conferred status as well. They signaled community standing, family wealth, and connections. Women wore arm rings on special occasions and as bridal gifts.

Crafting Meaningful Arm Rings

Today, Viking-style arm rings blend historic design with quality craftsmanship. They make meaningful additions to modern Viking jewelry collections.

Jewelry artisans research traditional Norse motifs and patterns to create authentic-looking arm rings. Expert metalworking brings designs like dragons and knotwork to life with precise chiseling and casting. Arm rings feel substantial and durable, true to their origins.

While made of modern materials, Viking arm rings retain powerful symbolic meaning. They represent concepts like courage, honor, strength, and freedom - values important to historic Norse and Viking warriors.

Notable Arm Ring Designs

Epic Loot Shop produce stunning recreations of historic Viking arm rings. Here are some dramatic examples:

Viking Dragon Bracelet

This arm ring features a snarling dragon's head with twisted knotwork forming the ring itself. The theme of this powerful mythological creature evokes the Norse spirit.

Dragon Viking Bracelet

Intricate scales and spirals cover this arm ring depicting a noble Viking dragon. The detailed work celebrates the dragons of Norse legend.

Iron Viking Bangle

This rugged iron bangle has the look of real Viking metalwork. The wide band and overlapping ends create a bold, substantial piece reflecting Norse strength.

Viking Dragon Bracelet - Gold

This shining dragon bracelet combines a claw-grasping golden dragon head with a ring of metallic knotwork scales. It interprets traditional Viking themes in a Epic style.

Connect with a Historic Culture

Viking-style arm rings are a modern way to connect with ancient Nordic warrior culture. Meaningful designs and quality craftsmanship create heirlooms. For men and women, Norse arm rings represent the bold, courageous Viking spirit.

Wearable Symbols of Honor

Arm rings meant honor and status for the Vikings. Today, Viking-inspired rings offer a tangible way to connect to Nordic heritage. Intricate metalwork brings symbols of dragons and knotwork to life, while the substantial feel of each piece transports the wearer to an ancient era of courageous warriors. Viking arm rings are wearable reminders of historic Nordic values and culture.

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